About Aandagt

Investing and supporting entrepreneurs to generate returns today, leaving behind a better world for future generations.

Aandagt Capital is a privately owned and managed investment company founded by Sam Cohen, in September 2022, in memory of his grandfather, a fellow entrepreneur.

Our investment focus is primarily on the mid and long term. We invest in sustainable and green projects and are always looking for collaborative partnerships with ambitious, like-minded, creative companies.

Aandagt’s focus is investing in both scale-ups and grown-ups in the following sectors:

  • Real estate: commercial & residential

  • Real estate developments

  • Hotels, travel & leisure

  • Renewable energy and smart mobility solutions

  • Life science & health products, services and tech

  • Family office management services.

Why Aandagt?

Aandagt was my mother’s maiden name. In English, it translates as ‘attention’ or ‘notice’. An unusual surname. But one that suits a business based on paying attention to the planet.